Access Control Re-invented
Ken Kutzler – VP/GM Nokia Hardware & Product Management, Nokia IP/Optical Networks
“Before Vidder, it would have been impossible to enhance trust across internal and external networks without a massive (and costly) effort and a substantial negative impact on employee and partner productivity.”
Access Control
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A Powerful New Approach to Access Control

Vidder’s PrecisionAccess™: what you always wanted from segmentation and NAC solutions …. and more

Granular Access Based On Trust

Protected application servers are hidden on the network; visibility and connectivity are dynamically provisioned after assessing trust based on user, device, location and application.

Simple Deployment

Our solution requires no infrastructure upgrades or changes, even across complex, hybrid networks.

Transparent User Experience

Users do nothing new or extra to support leading edge security. MFA is built-in and has no impact on user productivity.

Reduced Costs

Upgrade protection at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions.

How Nokia Deployed Invisible Access Control Globally

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Someone Needed to Re-Invent Access Control

We developed software to address three basic challenges.


Servers need to be isolated from users and devices. There should be no initial connectivity.


Trust should be measured for all devices, software, users, and systems. Connection decisions should be based on deep knowledge.


Access should be allowed based on trust. Trusted connections should be created dynamically and transparently to users.

Award-Winning PrecisionAccess

2016 Stevie Award2015 CIO Award