PrecisionAccess for Cloud Isolation


The Situation

Migration to the cloud has enabled the enterprise to increase agility, reduce cost, and optimize productivity. However, these benefits come with a price. The cloud introduces many security challenges since the traditional security stack doesn’t work optimally in this new environment. Many of the benefits of cloud come from the fact that it’s distributed, software-based, and easily accessed.  Yet these attributes are also key contributors to the security implications of cloud migration. This forces the enterprise to re-think about how they approach security in this perimeterless, untrusted landscape.

The Solution

PrecisionAccess enables the enterprise to control access to the most critical cloud applications. Whether it’s an IaaS datacenter or a new SaaS application, PrecisionAccess ensures that only authorized users on trusted devices are able to access the enterprise’s cloud applications. All access to cloud applications is pre-authenticated using multi-factor authentication, pre-authorized using context-aware policies, and pre-attested using innovative trust assessment. This process provides the enterprise with a complete solution for securing access to critical assets in the cloud.

Cloud Isolation

Regain Control

Regain total control for access to your cloud-based applications. Ensure only trusted devices and users get access.

Software-defined Security

Complete software-based solution based on the Software-Defined Perimeter (SDP) specification from the Cloud Security Alliance.

Cloud-first Design

Designed from the ground-up for the enterprise’s migration for the cloud. No sacrifices required!

Why PrecisionAccess?

Traditional security controls were not designed or developed with the cloud in mind. PrecisionAccess is a completely software-based solution which enables secure access to cloud applications without tedious tuning processes, false positives, or limitations that fundamentally degrade the value of the cloud. PrecisionAccess completely isolates your cloud applications from untrusted users and devices so that you can easily achieve compliance, maximize security, and maintain agility.

Don’t bother trying to migrate traditional network access control systems to the new cloud-based environments. Contact us today and see how PrecisionAccess completely changes the game!