PrecisionAccess for High-Risk Remote Access


The Situation

The modern day enterprise has evolved into a complex ecosystem with outsourced service providers, vendors, partners, contractors, and remote workers. This evolution has had a positive impact on business agility but has had an extremely negative impact on security and compliance. Security technologies have failed to keep up with this changing landscape. It is forcing the enterprise to rely on old-school technologies that were not designed for these new use-cases. This situation has created a nightmare for security teams that are already short staffed and overwhelmed. A new approach is needed for this new enterprise security landscape.

The Solution

PrecisionAccess enables secure remote access for high-risk users, devices, and applications. In this new world, all devices must  be pre-attested before any access is granted. PrecisionAccess transparently performs this pre-attestation using multi-factor authentication, context-aware authorization, and device trust assessment. In addition, these remote devices should only be given access to authorized applications. Unlike old-school technologies, PrecisionAccess only provides access to specific authorized applications without exposing the entire network.

High Risk Remote Access

Application-Layer Granularity

Provide granular, application-layer access for high-risk remote users. Easily eliminate network exposure!

Transparent MFA

Easily implement multi-factor authentication for your high-risk remote users, transparently!

Stop Malware Propagation

Stop malware on compromised devices from propagating onto your internal network.

Why PrecisionAccess?

Traditional VPN technologies are broken in today’s enterprise IT environment.  A new approach is needed for these high-risk remote access use cases. PrecisionAccess enables secure remote access to specific applications in your enterprise for both remote workers and third-parties – transparently.

Don’t risk a compromise of your business critical applications with an old-school VPN solution. Contact us today and reduce your network’s exposure in minutes!