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The PrecisionAccess Approach

PrecisionAccess pre-attests both user and device to ensure they’re trusted before connecting them to the protected application — in three simple steps:

  1. Isolate the application so it’s invisible to everyone on the untrusted network.
  2. Verify user authenticity and authorization, and device trustworthiness.
  3. Connect the authorized user and trusted device to only the protected applications.

After the device is connected, a continual trust assessment of the device is performed to ensure it maintains the same level of trust. If any policy violations are detected then access is revoked in real-time to ensure threats are contained.

Software Defined Perimeter (SDP)

PrecisionAccess is based on a new security specification, the Software Defined Perimeter (SDP), promoted by the Cloud Security Alliance. Vidder has created the first commercially available, SDP-based security product which is focused on providing complete control over application access.

The architecture consists of three components: the Controller, Gateway, and Client. The three components work together to defeat the most crippling attacks being used in advanced threats. Together they defeat compromised devices, credential theft, server exploitation, and connection hijacking for your most important applications. Read more


Reduced Complexity

Reduce complexity with a single security solution for your most critical enterprise applications. Stop worrying about the false positives introduced by traditional, unintegrated security tools.

Simplified Compliance

Simplify meeting your regulatory and compliance requirements with a single solution for access control, multi-factor authentication, reporting, and server protection.

Maximum Security

Obtain the maximum level of security for your business critical applications by making them completely invisible on your network. Defeat the foundational attacks found in advanced threats.

Enterprise Insight

Gain unprecedented visibility into application usage and attacks in your enterprise. Detect unknown threats and anomalous behavior with out-of-the-box correlation of critical events.

PrecisionAccess is a completely new approach to security that provides pre-attested, context-aware, secure access to applications in today’s untrusted enterprise landscape.


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Create granular policies which control access based on the real-time security context of the user and device. Manage risk by assessing the attributes of the device and user.

Server Isolation

PrecisionAccess isolates protected servers from all traffic until the users and devices are proven to be trusted. This isolation eliminates server exploitation from unauthorized users and untrusted devices.

Transparent MFA

Every authorized user utilizes a client that generates a unique cryptographic token. The result is Multi-Factor Authentication that defeats credential theft for all users, transparently.

Malware Containment

Trust Assessor ensures the device is trusted by detecting malware through indicators of compromise. Enable trusted access even when the device itself cannot be trusted.

Application Centric

Focus on securing your most valuable and targeted applications with minimal changes and disruption.

Flexible Overlay

PrecisionAccess provides a fully encrypted, need-to-know access layer on top of your existing network infrastructure.

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