Access Control without Compromise
Access Control Without Compromise

How It Works

PrecisionAccess screens both user and device to ensure they’re trusted before connecting them to protected applications — in three simple steps:

  1. Isolate the application so it’s invisible to everyone on the untrusted network.
  2. Verify user authenticity and authorization, and device trustworthiness.
  3. Connect the authorized user and trusted device to only the protected applications.

Proven Technology

PrecisionAccess is based on a new security model, the Software Defined Perimeter (SDP), promoted by the Cloud Security Alliance. PrecisionAccess is the first commercially available and most widely adopted SDP-based security product focused on providing complete control over application access.

PrecisionAccess adds powerful capabilities to the core SDP model to create a robust enterprise-ready solution. They include:

Broad and highly tested device support

User and device on-boarding facilitation

Automated deployment software

Posture checking and trust assessment

Transparent user experience

Policy creation and enforcement

Scale and reliability via Controller and Gateway Active-N clustering

Integrated monitoring, reporting, and alerting

Enterprise IAM integration

Vidder Managed Service support options

Access Based On Application Layer Tunneling Versus Network Layers

PrecisionAccess is a completely new approach to security that provides pre-attested, context-aware, secure access to applications in today’s untrusted enterprise landscape.


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Advanced Capabilities

Premium Security

  • Server isolation; mitigate application and server vulnerability exploits
  • Transparent MFA (tMFA); eliminate the impact of credential theft
  • Granular segmentation; thwart lateral movement
  • Endpoint trust assessment; shrink attack surface

Breadth of Enforcement

  • Untethered from corporate network
  • Built-in remote access, doesn’t require VPN or internal network access
  • Common security model and user experience for internal, remote, and external use

Future-Proof Economics

  • No infrastructure upgrade needed
  • Low operating expenses; no capital expense
  • Pay-as-you-grow

Ease of Use

  • Single solution for local, remote, and cloud access control
  • Integrated portal for monitoring users, devices, application usage, threats and vulnerabilities
  • Delivered as a managed service

“Full spectrum protection against the most sophisticated nation-sponsored attacks.”


Bob Flores
Former CTO, Central Intelligence Agency

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