Access Control without Compromise
Access Control Without Compromise

Isolate, Validate, Allow

PrecisionAccess™ Enhances Protection while Reducing Complexity and Cost

Advanced Protection

  • Protected apps isolated from network-based attacks
  • Minimizes credential theft risks
  • Isolates compromised devices

Breadth of Enforcement

  • Internal, IaaS, SaaS apps isolated from untrusted users
  • Single layer of protection for secure enclaves
  • Any user, any device, anywhere

Future-Proof Economics

  • Low operating expenses; no capital expense
  • Pay-as-you-grow
  • Reduces costs of compliance and audits

Ease of Use

  • MFA is transparent to users
  • Single pane of glass management
  • Delivered as a managed service

“Full spectrum protection against the most sophisticated nation-sponsored attacks.”


Bob Flores
Former CTO, Central Intelligence Agency

How It Works

Segment the application so it’s invisible to everyone on the untrusted network.
Validate user authenticity and authorization, and device trustworthiness.
Connect the authorized user and trusted device to only the protected applications.

Powerful Capabilities

Transparent multifactor authentication

Built-in VPN across hybrid infrastructure

ActiveN clustering for reliability and scale

Enterprise IAM integration

Context-aware policy enforcement

Compromise detection

Integrated monitoring, reporting and alerting

Vulnerability assessment

User and device on-boarding facilitation

Posture checking

PrecisionAccess is a completely new approach to security that provides pre-attested, context-aware, secure access to applications in today’s untrusted enterprise landscape.


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