Access Control without Compromise
No Trust. No Access.

Trusted access means applications are only exposed to strongly authorized users operating on uncompromised devices. 

Isolating servers defeats server exploitation and lateral movement.


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Proven Technology

Defeats All Adversaries

Credential Theft

Integrated MFA defeats credential theft of both passwords and NTLM tokens.

Compromised PC

Trust assessment blocks access to enterprise apps from compromised PCs.

Server Exploitation

Server isolation defeats server exploitation and lateral movement.


Mutually authenticated app-layer tunnels defeat man-in-the-middle attacks.

Transparent User Experience

Transparent MFA

No phone to respond to. No token to enter. It defeats credential theft and it is transparent to the user.

Always On

Sleep a computer. Wake it up, and it’s connected – after another round of transparent MFA.

Total Client Visibility

Apps, Users, Devices

See which users on which devices are accessing which applications at what time and from where.


Gain visibility and discover software vulnerabilities, malware, and compromised endpoints.

Architecture that Defeats All Adversaries

Vidder’s Trust Assessment extends well beyond posture checking with unprecedented threat and vulnerability assessment, visibility and reporting

Posture Assessment

  • Managed / unmanaged
  • OS, critical apps patched
  • AV running & up to date


  • Apps to users to devices
  • Threats / risk
  • Detailed drill downs

Vulnerability Assessment

  • CVSS of every CVE, all devices
  • Configuration best practices
  • Risk of open ports

Alerts & Reports

  • Customer defined
  • Throttling options
  • No language to learn

Threat Assessment

  • Device behavior (Mitre Att&ck matrix)
  • Threat intel (known bad IPs)
  • Malware verification


  • Non-intrusive to PC
  • Protect enterprise apps
  • Defeats compromised PC

Integrated, Intuitive and Insightful Visibility

Vidder Service Provides

  • Automated deployment
  • Continuous monitoring, 24/7 support
  • Per customer optimization
  • No hardware, managed service
  • Tiered pricing


  • Accelerated time to value
  • Minimal expertise required
  • Maximized security, performance
  • No CapEx
  • Pay-as-you-grow