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Learn More About PrecisionAccess.

Product Videos

Total Re-thinking of Connectivity

TCP/IP connectivity is built on a fundamentally flawed model. Clients connect to servers prior to authentication. User credentials and NTLM tokens are equally flawed. A ton of security products hasn’t helped. Re-think connectivity!

PrecisionAccess Use Cases

Third party access to enterprise networks has been a common attack vector in a number of major compromises in the past year. See how PrecisionAccess defeats this vector and goes on to defeat internal attacks, too.

Vidder’s PrecisionAccess SDP Protocol

See a simulation of the Software Defined Perimeter protocol in action and be a part of the user experience. Secure. Simple. Time 6:54

Defeating Attacks on Internet-facing Apps

Learn how the SDP defeats all attacks on Internet-facing Apps. Time 2:41

Whitepapers & Industry Reports

Gartner Report: It’s Time to Isolate Your Services From the Internet Cesspool

In its latest research, Gartner discussed the use of more advanced isolation technologies such as Software Defined Perimeters over obsolete network designs that expose applications to the public internet, contractors, and remote workers.

Vidder Launches PrecisionAccess for Secure Application Internet Access with B Round

451 Research profiled Vidder’s PrecisionAccess and its ability to secure access to Internet-accessed applications and defend an application against attack while simplifying secure remote access to the application.

Enterprise Application Security Market Research Report

This study of more than 400 InfoSec professionals showcases new information about enterprise applications, the groups of people who need access to them, and the security approaches that information security professionals feel are most useful.

SDP Hackathon #4

CSA, Verizon, and Vidder teamed up at RSA Conference 2016 to research, via a global hackathon, how a high availability infrastructure could be created using public clouds with the equivalent robustness of a dedicated data center. The key hypothesis was that while a dedicated data center is more “available” than a single public cloud, multiple public clouds should be more “available” than a single data center if all the compute resources could be connected.

Technical Papers & Briefs

Securing SAP

Breeching SAP systems is every attacker’s dream, in part because it plays a huge role as a clearinghouse of business transactions. Learn how Vidder PrecisionAccess can protect your SAP infrastructure from network-based attacks.

Secure Third Party Access

Learn how Vidder enables your authorized third parties to securely and easily access the specific applications they need to enhance your business.

PrecisionAccess Performance & Reliability

This paper addresses how the number of users and an application’s throughput impact PrecisionAccess; how PrecisionAccess performs failover and maintains high availability; and, how Vidder ensures the performance and reliability of the PrecisionAccess service.

Vidder Security Architecture

This paper discusses Vidder’s new security architecture based on software-defined perimeter (SDP) that enables business while increasing the security posture of corporate applications.

Control the Flow for Security

This paper illustrates the problems associated with TCP/IP connectivity, why speed bumps like firewalls, VPNs and NAC don’t slow the attacks, and how software-defined perimeter (SDP) has been created to address all of these issues.

PrecisionAccess Attack Mitigation

This paper discusses the attacks that are mitigated by PrecisionAccess as a result of the change in the application connection process.

Transparent Multi-Factor Authentication

This paper discusses how Transparent MFA works, the advantages of using it, and the attack vectors it mitigates.

Corporate Videos

Interview with Vidder

CEO Mark Hoover discusses Vidder’s unique differentiation and approach to addressing industry security issues with TMC’s Rich Tehrani during Editors Day 2016.

IT Harvest 2016 Interview Series: Part 1

Industry analyst Richard Stiennon and Vidder founder and CTO, Junaid Islam discuss how to achieve business agility with trust-before-connect access control.

IT Harvest 2016 Interview Series: Part 2

In this interview, analyst Richard Stiennon and Vidder’s Junaid Islam discuss Vidder’s value-add in enterprise security.

IT Harvest 2016 Interview Series: Part 3

In this interview, Richard Stiennon and Junaid Islam, discuss the use cases and benefits of Vidder PrecisionAccess.

Vidder CTO Discussed Building the Two Pillars of a More Secure Enterprise

In this interview with TMC during Editors Day Santa Clara 2015, Vidder’s founder and CTO, Junaid Islam, discussed the two pillars of a more secure enterprise.

Hackathon Behind-the-Scenes

Vidder partnered with Verizon in the 4th hackathon, hosted by CSA. Watch CSO Online Magazine’s video interview with Steve Ragan

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