Software Defined Perimeter

The Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) is a new approach to security that mitigates network based attacks by dynamically creating perimeter networks anywhere in the world—including in a cloud, on the DMZ, and in the data center.

“SDP technology enables organizations to provide people centric, manageable, ubiquitous, secure and agile access to networked systems, services and applications. It does this by solving a core design flaw in the unsecure manner in which TCP/IP was developed.”
— Gartner

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Meet the Leaders Defining SDP

Vidder’s leaders are pioneering the widespread adoption of the Software Defined Perimeter. They are the minds behind the SDP definition and architecture. Talk to one of these experts and you’ll understand how this security model will defeat the threats against your network infrastructure.


Junaid Islam
Cochair of the SDP Working Group; coauthor and chief architect behind the SDP specification. Presenter at several events including U.S. Congress 2013, CSA Congress in 2014 and 2015 and CSA Summit Hackathon host. Recipient of the Ron Knode Award.

Brent Bilger
Vice President of Product Management at Vidder. Founder of the SDP Working Group at the Cloud Security Alliance. Coauthor of the SDP specification.

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Secure Business Critical Apps, Transparently

Vidder PrecisionAccess is the first commercial solution based on the SDP, which is now a new category in Gartner’s Hype Cycle for Virtualization, 2015.

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