Solutions for Access Control Challenges
Solutions for Zero Trust Networks

Total Control of Access to High Value Enterprise Apps

Server Isolation

Isolates servers from all unauthorized users. Defeats server exploitation and reduces the attack surface by 99.9%.

Granular Policy Enforcement

Users only see and connect to authorized apps.

Path to All Data

Trusted access to SaaS, IaaS, hosted, DMZ, data center. The zero trust network applies to all corporate data.

Segmentation for Optimum Security

“Our firewalls and VLANS were simply not enough protection…”

Problem: Big Flat Networks are Difficult to Protect

A multinational insurance and health care conglomerate operated multiple business units sharing a common, flat network. Like many large enterprises, they became extremely concerned with predatory malware after a series of attacks spread globally and shut down leading hospitals. Their corporate security team, well aware their large, worldwide network was exposed to lateral movement attacks from anywhere in their network, looked to logical segmentation to isolate systems and create zero trust zones inside their networks. Yet even with firewalls, numerous VLANs and other approaches there were still too many attack vectors, too many opportunities for even a single adversary to access all of their applications from anywhere.

Solution: Trusted Access Control to Defeat Lateral Adversary Movement

The team chose Trusted Access Control to establish a universal boundary between users and applications so that only trusted devices connect with authorized applications. Employees, regardless of location were transparently verified before any access is granted to the protected application. The security team addressed compliance and audit requirements like never before and the application attack surface was reduced by 99.9%.

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High Value Application Isolation

“Some apps are just too important to rely upon baseline network security for protection.”

Problem: High Value Applications Exposed to Advanced Threats.

A leading real estate and financial services firm with operations in 49 states was planning to upgrade its existing infrastructure without untenable increases in spending and hiring and modest improvements in protection. High value apps connected with investor accounts also needed to be accessed by employees and contractors, exposing investors to adversaries.

Solution: Trusted Access Control to Defeat Advanced Threats without Breaking the Budget

The team deployed Trusted Access Control and eliminated access from untrusted users to critical financial applications and reduced security cost and complexity. They also avoided a costly infrastructure upgrade and made application attack surfaces virtually undetectable to adversaries. Their existing team easily kept up with changes as new apps could be secured in minutes.

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Secure Enclaves in the Cloud

“With Vidder we can now meet stringent compliance and security requirements in AWS.”

Problem: Cloud Security and Compliance Concerns Blocked Migration

A public financial services institution with $10B in assets wanted to leverage the AWS commercial marketplace to reduce the time and cost of application deployment, yet FFIEC Compliance regulations made it impossible to meet the strict access control requirements using traditional security solutions. To meet those regulatory requirements, a connectivity solution had to guarantee that only analysts with appropriate authorization could access protected computer environments.

They needed to build a Secure Enclave on AWS, a compliant, partitioned security group environment only accessible by trusted users in specific locations. With existing security solutions they could not achieve their goals.

Solution: Trusted Access Control Used to Build a Secure Enclave on AWS

The team chose Vidder to create a role-based application layer encrypted connection between data analysts and the Secure Enclave in AWS. Only trusted users in secure facilities could see protected corporate environments and access them via app layer mutual TLS connections.

A key winning advantage of Trusted Access Control is that the AWS compute instance was “dark” to Internet scans thus allowing the financial institution to maintain complete anonymity and protect systems from predatory malware, man-in-the-middle and credential theft attacks.

Vidder CTO Junaid Islam talks to SiliconAngle about the state of cybersecurity.