Simple, Optimal Security For 
Your Most Valuable Applications.

New Level of Security for High-Risk Applications

Today’s advanced threats are state-funded and multifaceted while enterprise security teams are overwhelmed and short-staffed. PrecisionAccess provides simple, optimal security for your most valuable and vulnerable enterprise applications without false positives, false negatives, or constant tuning. It’s a complete solution for enterprises to control access to critical business applications, even in today’s untrusted networks.


Zero-Trust Networks

Isolate high-value applications to make them invisible and inaccessible to your adversaries. Grant application access to only authorized users on trusted devices.
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High-Risk Remote Access

Connect authorized third-party users or remote workers to the applications they need without exposing the network. Contain malware and compromises on unmanaged third-party devices. Grant application access without risking lateral movement on the corporate network.
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Cloud Isolation

Isolate cloud applications from unauthorized devices, bots, and malicious adversaries. Regain control of your cloud environment with context-aware policies. Create isolated enclaves for your IaaS and SaaS applications.
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