Solutions for Access Control Challenges
Solutions for Trusted SaaS Access

Unprecedented Protection Against 99% of SaaS Attacks

Multifactor Authentication

MFA defeats password theft and password cracking.

Transparent User Experience

No phone to respond to.

Trust Assessment

Defeats compromised PCs.

Protecting Office 365/SaaS

“When we migrated to Office 365 we discovered that we couldn’t extend existing protection to our SaaS. Until we found Vidder.”

Problem: Stolen Passwords and Compromised PCs Represent 95% of SaaS Attacks

A large public transportation agency had migrated to Office 365 and found that there were limited options for protecting their email and file sharing applications from their most common threats, stolen passwords and compromised PCs. Adding to the problem, some contractors and partner executives required access for effective information sharing.

This exposed the SaaS account to more potentially compromised PCs, including users less diligent in protecting passwords. Due to these exposures an adversary could acquire a single email address, guess passwords then gain access to other email addresses. CASB was not an effective option, because it didn’t support multifactor authorization.

Solution: Trusted Access Control for Unprecedented SaaS security and User Convenience

The security team chose Trusted Access Control to limit Office 365 access to authorized users and trusted devices. This one security control defeated 99% of the attacks – creating the single largest improvement to the security posture of Office 365 with the least possible impact on users. And it provided the same increased security for the other SaaS applications. Each user is now transparently MFA’d before access and there is no impact on their existing single sign on solution for Office 365 or for other applications and groups.

Securing Office 365

Securing Office 365 means securing Email, SharePoint, OneDrive, and a number of other applications offered as part of the Office 365 suite. In addition, it often means securing other SaaS applications such as Salesforce, Box, Workday, ServiceNow, etc. that use the same single sign on (SSO) identity provider as Office 365.

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